The Rock Band Ensemble Class provides experience, coaching, instruction and hands-on real life working experience.

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What is the goal of learning to play the guitar, bass, drums, keys or vocals?


To play in a band.

Rock Band participants will:

A) Learn a variety of rock songs of varying degrees of difficulty from various styles (not just their particular favorites, but also the favorites of their band mates.)

B) Perform as a group, gaining valuable insight into what it takes to perform well as a group–listening to the rest of the band, playing together as a unit, timing, dynamics, communication, the pitfalls of live performance, stage presence, preparation, positive attitude, how to operate the PA and amps to get a good sound, etc.

C) Learn songs as a “backing band” for other kids, who will guest perform with the band. This will provide the participants with the experience of working as a sessions/studio musician (think of Dave Letterman’s band), improve their adaptability, broaden their musical experience.

D) Learn to work together as a group, share responsibility, share the “limelight”, make decisions as a group, etc.

This type of learning isn’t usually available to kids in a rock/pop format. Unless you are in the school jazz band, you really don’t get ANY hands-on band training for guitar. Kids who want to play rock/blues/pop are left on their own to play in the garage, without any real idea of how to put it all together. This is a great way for our students to apply the things they learn in their one on one lessons in a way that will really help them prepare to be first rate musicians. Any musician will tell you the same thing—there is just nothing to compare with actually playing as a group, live, in real time. We believe this program will add value to our students private lessons, will be highly enjoyable and will help boost their performing confidence.

Here’s a video of one of our rock band classes performing at the Newton Theatre!!!