Fred Van Keuren

Fred teaches drums and piano. Dr Fred and BWSOM owner Bill Wright have performed together on numerous occasions over the years.

I’ve been involved with the BWSOM for about 10 + years – I teach drums and piano at BWSOM – I’ve been a musician most of my life – I’m 73, and I started with piano lessons at 4 – I started  playing the drums at 12 and I played in the high school and at Rutgers University – I started teaching as a teenager, and as a professional musician, teaching was and is a terrific experience too!

I love meeting new students – See what are their capabilities – Their natural talents – Their desires and goals with learning music – Having fun creating music together, as at BWSOM we have several keyboards and drum sets in which to play!

I have 3 daughters and 4 grand kids.  The all love music and have taken piano lessons or voice lessons, in fact my youngest daughter is on the tour doing the Tina Turner show – she has been on Broadway for several years.