Joy I

Joy is our brass and woodwinds specialist.  Her main instrument is the trumpet but she also teaches all of the other brass and woodwind instruments as well.

I’ve been involved with BWSOM since 2014. I am a brass and woodwind band instrument teacher. I have been teaching band instruments since 2002. I graduated from Montclair State University with a BA in Music Education. I have been playing musical instruments since 1985. I wanted to teach music because I wanted to share my love of music with others.

My philosophy behind teaching music is that everyone is able to learn to play music. It should be fun to learn and play because it brings joy to everyone.

I enjoy seeing the students get excited when they play something they have been working on that they may not have been able to play when they first learned it. I enjoy seeing the smiles on their faces.

It’s fun to come into the studio and listen to all the musical sounds coming from the rehearsals and see the friendly faces of the students and teachers. It has a certain vibe when you’re there. I can start my day in a bad mood or I feel tired, but when I leave, I’m in a better mood and have more energy than when I came in.